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Hi music lovers.  Welcome to my site!

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My name is Shannon Runyon and I’m a singer/songwriter and I’m based in Park City, Utah (but I will travel to sing 🙂 )

I’ve been immersed in music my entire life.  I like to joke I was raised in the ‘Partridge Family’ because my parents and four siblings all play instruments and sing and doing this together as a young family are some of my favorite memories.  I recorded an album in Houston called ‘Getting Better Road’ where I sang for a decade with a talented duo partner.  I moved to Park City five years ago where I really started to thrive and find my place and voice in the world of music.  I love collaborating with and supporting other musicians almost as much as I do performing.  Music is meant to be shared and I find pure joy in sharing my talent with others.  I’m often told I remind people of Jewel and Natalie Merchant and I believe that as long as I am true to myself in voice and music AND give my best, that’s the sweet spot of being a musician.

I play piano and guitar and mostly perform solo but can provide duo, trio and a full band if needed.  You can book me for live music for your restaurant, bar, private party, wedding, etc… I’d be more than happy to help.  I can also provide my own sound system (although I’m happy to plug into your house system if you prefer).  I’m so so happy music is such a big part of my life and I’m happy to share that energy with you…. SO you can book me by emailing me at

If you want to see where I’m playing around town you can go to my calendar and/or follow me on instagram!

I was recently on PCTV and these are three of my new originals recorded live!


Bangkok Tattoo…

Just You and Me…

Here are some of my earlier originals on Sound Cloud.

I recently recorded vocals for a group called “Join the Gang” – give it a listen HERE

Live covers at Cognition Winery

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